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Amendments made for 2018/2019 series
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Rider and horse combinations who won a class championship at a previous year’s winter series are not eligible to enter that class in this year’s series!

Riders who do not attend the Championship show will not receive their prizes and they will be passed down the line!!

Points Championship members may include 7 individual cheques with the first entry to prevent having to re enter each competition – they must notify the organiser prior to close of entries if they are unable to attend a specific competition.

Competition will be run strictly under British Dressage and/or Pony Club rules unless otherwise stated.
Judges/ Organisers decision is final in all respects.

The organisers, Sinai Dressage accept no responsibility for injury, damage, loss or theft to any persons, animals or property whilst attending the competitions.

Entries must be on time with the correct payment included, late entries only if space allows. Times will be available on the website or by telephoning at the appropriate time.

Due to increased costs withdrawals will only be refunded if made by 10am on the Wednesday prior to the competition or if your time can be filled from the wait list.
Dressage tests may be called, whips and spurs are allowed for all classes although excessive use may result in rider elimination. For PC Dengie classes callers are allowed at preliminary round competitions, whips and spurs are allowed as long as rider has spur card signed by their DC if below B Test level.

PC Dengie Winter League Dressage Preliminary qualifiers.
Please consult the Pony Club web site for rules regarding eligibility for novice and open classes, whips and callers are allowed, spurs must be accompanied with a spurs card unless rider has attained their B test riding.

Points Awards  
Points will be awarded in two ways, for being placed 1st to 10th in the class relating to your points championship and by test percentage.
Point Awards for Placings       Point Awards for Percentages
1st – 12 points           6th – 5 points       50% - 54% - 1 point    
2nd – 10 points          7th – 4 points                55% - 59% - 2 points       
3rd – 8 points             8th – 3 points                60% - 64% - 3 points       
4th – 7 points             9th – 2 points                65% - 69% - 4 points
Sinai Series Information
Rules & How points are calculated.

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