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British Dressage Registered Trainer

Monmouthshire Based

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Teaching Philosophy

Confidence, knowledge, understanding, discipline and practice are essential to performance.

Horses are beautiful, powerful, intelligent and sensitive creatures. Each has an individual personality, and like their riders, they understand and learn in different ways and at different rates. At Sinai, Helen believes, it is the recognition of this individuality of horse and rider as a combination which is essential to successful, correct and enjoyable training.

Every rider deserves a well balanced, responsive, relaxed horse whether they are competing or enjoying a hack.

Every horse deserves a quiet, balanced thinking rider to explain and encourage. The horse’s natural beauty is enhanced when horse and rider work together in harmony.

A rider’s knowledge and understanding is key to developing ability and confidence. There are so many aspects to riding, balance, leg, rein and seat aids, rhythm, half halts, turning and movements not to mention assessing where to go and how the horse is feeling. With so many points to consider every few seconds it is not surprising riders become frustrated and demoralised when things become difficult or when learning something new. A good teacher will break these points down and explain what, how and why systematically and in various ways so the rider can fully understand. This way the riders knows what is expected and how this might be achieved before an attempt is made. This does not mean it will be perfect first time, every time but it is an excellent way to achieve success through educated practice. This process should also mean that the rider understands enough to recreate the work at home which leads to improved enjoyable schooling and great results.

At Sinai, Helen encourages riders to recognise the importance of dressage or flatwork to all aspects of competitive riding. Helen, believes show jumping should be viewed as dressage with jumps, horses can only be expected to jump clear if the rider can control the rhythm, balance and power that is required for the sport. The same can be said of event horses as well as show horses which are also expected to be balanced and responsive for the judge.