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When and why use SST?

There are many reasons a horse may require a spinal therapy treatment. It should be no surprise that horses suffer from back and skeletal problems. Firstly they were not designed to carry people, let alone trot round in circles, canter sideways, jump fences, run races or pull carriages!!

Horses today are kept in relatively unnatural environments however hard owners try to do there best for their animals.

Riders expect maximum performance, competitions do not end in the autumn and horses are expected to work and compete to a high level all year round. Every rider, however balanced and skilled, saddles and bridles however well designed and fitted can cause pressure areas within the horses muscles and skeleton leading to tension and pain to a greater or lesser degree.

Other factors that directly affect the horse’s musculoskeletal well-being are poorly fitting saddlery, poor shoeing, dental problems, poor nutrition and fitness, poor riding, unevenness in the rider, obesity in rider and/ or horse, over exertion and trauma or injury. Any single or combination of these factors can have a significant impact on the horse’s health, athletic ability and mental state. It is also important to consider that the higher the level of competitive performance or athletic effort required of the horse, advanced dressage as one example, the bigger the impact even the smallest area of muscle tension will have on that performance, it maybe the difference between winning or coming second. This is why spinal therapy should be used as prevention of problems and maintenance of good health and performance as well as for injury.

Hind Limb Extension

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Hind Limb Rotation

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