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A Brief History

The use of animal manipulation techniques was first introduced in the 1970’s by John McTimoney, a registered human chiropractor. McTimoney adapted the renowned human therapy for use on animals and these techniques were later refined by Hugh Corley. Animal manipulation was further developed, expanded and enhanced by Shelagh James-Hudson in the mid eighties. It is this advanced technique that is used by Helen at SST.

What is SST?

Skeletal alignment is extremely important as it ensures the correct function of the nervous and endocrine systems which control the natural self-healing capabilities of the body. From this it is easy to see how misalignments (or subluxations) within the skeleton can significantly impact on the animals health, resulting in pain, muscle wastage (atrophy), nerve damage and possible disease if a condition is left untreated for a long period. Muscle spasms also result in pain and can cause or are caused by bony misalignments. Spasms can dramatically impact the suppleness and athletic ability of the ridden horse.

Palpation of Spinal process to

Assess alignment

(Picture Left)

Adjusting the spine

(Picture Right)