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Sinai Whetu.

Grace was born on the 30th May 2006 at Sinai.

This Chestnut Filly was the first foal out of Sinai Walkiri by Wolkentanzer (Welmeyer).

Grace, named after my grandmother, had a very bad start. After being born 16 days early she was very weak and quickly developed impacted meuconium, toxic constipation. The vets were called but after 24hrs it was clear she was getting sicker by the hour. Grace was referred to Bristol Veterinary Hospital, a very traumatic hour and a half trailer ride away, and after some intense care over the following week she thankfully made a full recovery and has gone from strength to strength ever since!

Tragically she was kicked in the field and despite intesive veterinary care and numerous antibiotics the infection spread to the bone and we lost the battle to save her in dec 2011